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Spirit of Glace is a complete remake of the acclaimed 2004 classic, Glace. Although based on the original story, Spirit of Glace is a totally new game experience that recreates the magic of the original while adding fresh gameplay, detailed lore, and a vibrant open world.

Spirit of Glace is under active development, but you can play the alpha version right now by purchasing the game here on Itch.io. Experience the game firsthand as it grows bit by bit, and help us craft a beautiful world by sharing your thoughts and feedback. Plus you'll get the full game once it's ready (Steam key). We'd love for you to be involved!

Here's what's in the alpha version of the game now (PC and Mac support):

  • Glace's new movement mechanics, including jumping, bouncing, attacking, dashing, and wall-sticking
  • Three playable levels with two enemies
  • An early look at the new overworld, which let's you freely navigate between stages.
  • Visit Essy's treehouse in the grassy meadows.
  • New music, completely reworked by the original composer, Zachary Chavez
  • Much more to come!

Please read the FAQ below before purchasing!


When will Spirit of Glace leave early access?

Full transparency here: I'm not sure yet.

How close to the original 2004 game is Spirit of Glace?

Spirit of Glace will be different from the original, but is definitely inspired by and still contains elements of the 2004 release. There's new gameplay mechanics, a new art style, an open world, and a more detailed story, but as you play through the game, you'll see sparks of the original.

Who's making Spirit of Glace?

Tommy Visic, the original Glace developer, and Zachary Chavez, the original music composer.

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Early Access

Get access to the game during active development and see the world come to life first hand.

You will get access to the following files:

spiritofglace-win-alpha.zip 94 MB
Version 4.1
spiritofglace-mac-alpha.zip 103 MB
Version 4.1

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